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Margate Commisioner Accepts Responsibility for Misappropriated Funds

According to city blog, Margate Commisioner Lessa Peerman states that she “takes reponsibility” for $500,000 appropriated to the Alzheimer Family Center between 2000-2014.  Regarding the status of of  the funds at the May Margate Commision meeting , Commisioner Peerman said:

“If you all need a scapegoat if you all need somebody responsible, I accept responsibility for this missing money so call the governor’s office on me because the buck is stopping here. We’re the commissioners. I’m accepting responsibility for the missing money. Gene [Margate City Attorney, Eugene Steinfeld] you and the city go ahead and get the money back through all the channels that you can, but as far as who is responsible I’m accepting the responsibility,”



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