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Medical Experts Support Benefits of Drinking Activated Stabilized Oxygen

The proprietary Activated Stabilized Oxygen in O2 Drops® has been independently tested at a number of universities, by respected scientists, and at highly regarded laboratories across the world. No other activated oxygen supplement formula has undergone as much scrutiny and validation. This research has established that O2 Drops® are extremely effective, completely nontoxic, and safe to use as a dietary supplement*.

ASO® stabilized oxygen is undoubtedly a new powerful tool in the modern world of medicine. The more we get to know about it, the more we can treat without side effects. ASO® is a tool, a key to a noble dream for a better world, better life quality and life itself. ASO® works as a strong antiseptic on the wound, killing anaerobic and fungal microorganisms. ASO® increases the healing process. ASO® was effective in dilutions and in the oral treatment of Stomatitis Aphthosa in the mouth and gums. ASO® was effective as a topical treatment against Oral Cardidiasis and tongue’s fungal plaques. ASO® was effective on degenerative lip dermatitis and Angulus Infectiosus in mouth angles. ASO® was effective on eczematic areas as a moisturizing and skin repair agent. Dr. Marios L. Christofinis, M.D., Ph.D

I believe ASO®, because of its inherent “energy factor” potential may just be the “Rosetta Stone” that unblocks the pathogenetic mechanisms of disease in general and provides the knowledge for proper disease prevention management. ASO® Activated Oxygen is not simply an important nutrient supplement but a dynamic energy molecule. ASO® has an extremely high ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) of 950 mV. That means ASO® possesses energy that can be transferred to the surrounding environment, potentiating the bioenergetic processes and correcting or reversing underlying cellular dysfunctions. In other words, ASO® works like a bright new cellular battery. Menicos A. Spartalis, M.D., Vascular Surgeon

In the beginning I used ASO® activated oxygen rather cautiously for cleaning the face for local uses thus assessing the action of this product as a bactericide. Later I started recommending it for the detoxification of the organism thus testing its activity for neutralizing free radicals. I gave it to my patients with tired and rather lifeless skin, with black circles under the eyes or individuals suffering from eczema and dermatitis. The results were fantastic and this made me bolder and able to recommend it to athletes, smokers, persons with feebleness, lack of energy, chronic bronchitis, asthma and to people with frequent viral infections due to a weakness in their immune system as well as to patients with bed-sores, etc. In all these cases the results have been excellent. Dr. Margarita Chilindri, M.D., Pathology and Dermatology

From the results it is concluded that the ingestion of the activated oxygen solution ASO® considerably affects the tolerance levels of lactate acid in the blood and improves VO2max. Nicos Yiannaki Pericleous, M.Sc., ACSM

The potential role of ASO® stabilized liquid oxygen as anergogenic aid in sports performance enhancement is still to be fully understood. Available scientific data and information on this subject presents a whole range of possibilities for further studies. In this study it was established that there was not a far-reaching effect of ASO® stabilized liquid oxygen on the same subjects in terms of performance enhancement during trial tests prints. However, a definite improvement was noticed in between the sprints of the trials with placebo and the controlled ASO® stabilized liquid oxygen. This would indicate the fact that athletes who consumed ASO® stabilized liquid oxygen were able to reproduce similar and sustained effort during both sprints as compared to those that consumed the placebo. Dr. Hj Danish Zaheer Hj Zaheeruddin M.D., PhD. and David Hennessy Bsc (Hons), Sports Medicine & Research Centre, Department of Youth & Sports, Brunei Darussalam

From my clinical experience this product can be used in all aspects of the oral medicine and surgery, for example: As an irrigant for the cleaning and prophylaxis of the oral cavity; For the treatment of periodontitis and gingivitis; Post surgical procedures and post extracting treatment; For biological treatment and elimination of amalgam filling and heavy metal drainage; For therapy in a systemic disease, and many other applications. In conclusion, I would like to say that ASO®, because of its bio-friendly capabilities, it has the potential to be a powerful source for clinical or paramedical practice. Dr. Stylianou Panayiotis, M.D.

In short, in both measurable parameters and subjective observations, the test subjects in the group treated with the oxygen supplement (ASO®) experienced the following to a greater degree than the control group: Greater stamina and endurance, reduced muscle fatigue, more energy, less “out of breath”, greater feeling of strength, felt that the product helped them perform better. Eldon W. Askew, Ph.D. Department Chair, School of Nutrition, University of Utah, Donald E. Roberts, Ph.D., James E. Reading, M.A., Jeffrey M. Pfeiffer, M.S., Lt. Lance Orr, MC, USNR

This test represented a variety of individuals with varying physiological differences including age, sex, weight, medical health conditions, physical conditioning, etc. The test was conclusive on three major points: (1) Free oxygen (160) is present in ASO® as it was absorbed into the blood stream both sublingually and/or internally after it was tagged with Protac C/Iodine26 in every administered case. (2) The combination of component ingredients in ASO® has a positive effect, in varying degrees, on capillary dilation. (3) The combination of component ingredients in ASO® has a significant effect on the reduction of systolic and diastolic blood pressure. It is the researcher’s opinion that ASO® results in greater metabolic efficiency which may correlate to significant energy reductions thus prolonging and enhancing the quality of an individual’s life. Further, ASO®, used in conjunction with mineral supplements, may be an excellent therapeutic tool for treating physiological disorders including chronic fatigue syndrome, immune deficiency disorders and several chronic pain related disorders. James D. Aker, Ph.D., M.S., P.A., P.P.A., President, Third State Analytical, Inc.

Blood gas analyses conducted on the participants’ arterial blood samples showed definite increases in arterial blood oxygen (PaO2), as well as elevated discharges of carbon dioxide waste matter. Older subjects appeared to respond better to the test product’s therapeutic actions, than was reported from younger recipients. The inclusion of an iron supplement with the test product indicates a helpful role in how the body utilizes “Vitamin O”. However, non-iron subjects also receiving test product posted higher-than-expected hemoglobin values, which suggests that the apparent blood-building action of “Vitamin O” can happen also without iron-dependency. A general stabilization of arterial blood oxygen levels following three months of steady supplementation with the test product became evident, but could change if daily intake were temporarily discontinued. Dr. John Heinerman, Ph.D.

All four test organisms were rendered harmless after subjecting them to the ASO® solution. All four organisms were tested after submersing them for 24 hours. Three of the four organisms (Escherichia coli 0157:H7, Salmonella choleraesuis and Staphylococcus aureus) were effectively killed in a diluted solution of ASO® at 20% of its original strength. Pseudomonas aeruginosa was killed after subjecting it to a diluted solution of ASO® at 40% of its original strength. Keith Goins, Ph.D., Manager, Microbiology, SGS U.S. Testing Company Inc.

I can find no substance with levels high enough to indicate toxicity to anyone consuming your solution. The sodium level at only 9.24 p.p.m. is well below the recommended daily reference values determined by the U.S. Government. Toxic metals (lead, mercury and arsenic) are virtually undetectable as are nitrate levels and other trace minerals. Your solution, in its current formulation, is totally safe to the human body. John H. McDonald, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, USANA, Inc.

When tested as specified, Stabilized Oxygen from ASO® at 20% Strength Concentrated Solution was not acutely toxic to the test animals following dermal application of the test substance at 2.0 g/kg. When tested as specified, the Stabilized Oxygen Solution, at 40% Strength, was not acutely toxic to the test animals following a 4-hour inhalation exposure at a nominal concentration of 23.9 mg/L (actual concentration was 14.6 mg/L). LC50 was estimated at greater than 23.9 mg/L (actual concentration was 14.6 mg/L). When tested as specified, the submitted test substance Stabilized Oxygen Solution at 20% Strength Concentrated Solution, was not considered to be a skin sensitizing agent. There was no significant differences in skin irritations observed in the test animals and in the control animals on challenge. When tested as specified, the submitted test substance, Stabilized Oxygen at 20% Strength Concentrated Solution, was not an eye irritant. Charles C. Tong, Ph.D., D.A.B.T., Study Director and Director of Biological Services, SGS U.S. Testing Company Inc.

The diluted test product effectively reduced, to the detectable limits of the test, all the bacteria and Candida by the Time 0 sample interval. No bacterial organisms or Candida were recovered from the product throughout the remaining test period. The Aspergillus cultures effectively reduced, to the detectable limits of the test, at the 24 hour sample interval. The first Disinfectant Efficacy Test study investigated whether a 5% strength solution of Stabilized Oxygen had any antimicrobial disinfectant effect of Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 6538, Salmonellacboleraesuis ATCC 10708, and Pseudomonasaeruginosa ATCC 15442. A follow-up Modified Antimicrobial Preservative Effectiveness Study further investigated whether a 5% strength solution of Stabilized Oxygen had any disinfecting properties on six different organisms: Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 6538 [Bacteria, Gram (+) cocci], Pseudomonasaeruginosa ATCC 9027 [Bacteria, Gram (-) bacillus], Escherichia coli ATCC 8739 [Bacteria, Gram (-) bacillus], Candida albicans ATCC 10231 [Yeast], Aspergillusniger ATCC 16404 [Mold] and Aspergillusflavus ATCC 9643 [Mold]. In ALL INSTANCES, the Stabilized Oxygen solution clearly demonstrated highly effective disinfecting antimicrobial properties. Nelson Laboratories, Salt Lake City, UT

ASO® reduced the incidence of Alternariazinniae on zinnia seeds. Control seeds (0%) had 85% (17 of 20) while seeds soaked for 48 hours in a 100% solution of ASO® had 20% (4 of 20) with A. zinniae. Conidia orhyphae contaminating the surface of the zinnia seeds were probably killed by the ASO®, but hyphae within the seed coat probably escaped. Germination rates tended to be increased by the ASO®, although our results did not show an increased germination rate with soaking for 48 hours in a 100% solution of ASO®. Control seeds soaked for 48 hours had a 65% (13 of 20) germination while seeds soaking for 24 hours in ASO® had a 90% (18 of 20) germination. Under conditions where seed lots are heavily infested with Alternariaziniae, seed disinfection with ASO® prior to seeding can reduce the incidence of damping off and blight of zinnia. Additionally, seed germination rates would be increased, resulting in many more healthy plants. With the additional characteristics of having no toxicity to humans or animals and being biodegradable, ASO® activated oxygen shows promise being used as a disinfectant of fruits and vegetables and other food products in addition to being used to produce clean seeds and increase seed germination rates. Dr. Michael Yoshimura, Ph.D., School of Biological Sciences, Phytopathology Department, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA

We find that Stabilized Oxygen is very effective when used as a sanitizing disinfectant on Cat’s Claw. The results of this study show that on average the 1% SL-12-1 product showed a reduction of 85.7% of total molds on the powder and an 82.9% reduction of the chips. The SL-8 product showed a 78.6% reduction in mold cfu/gm and a 90.2% reduction on the chips…Based on these findings, Stabilized Oxygen shows great promise as a sanitizing agent for herbs, spices and other agricultural products where a significant reduction in mold colony forming units is required to enhance/maintain quality, reduce spoilage and extend shelf life. Dr. Joseph Montecalvo, Jr., Ph.D., Central Coast Consulting and Professor of Food Sciences, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA

It was noted that the wholesale buyers of the chickens were very impressed with the flavor of the ASO® treated chickens in this study. The reason, the Doctors believe, is that the oxygen from ASO® helps build stronger immune systems and therefore bacteria and parasites are controlled to a higher degree. The treated chickens are more active and thereby develop more as well as stronger muscles resulting in less fat. The improved quality of the meat and the lack of Antibiotics used as a result of ASO® treatment might allow the producer to market the chickens as “Organic” thereby reaching higher sales prices and more demand. Overall, this has been a very successful preliminary study and points towards areas that need to be examined further. The positive results of increased growth, weights, less mortality, overall improved health and vitality of the chickens, improved flavor of the meat in taste tests and improved acceptability of the end products were all observed in this study. Another parallel ASO® study was conducted with exotic birds that also indicates an increased health benefit across the board and increased survivability of hatching eggs. Dr. Antonio & Dr. Andreas Rotou, DVM

We received your sample of ASO® to determine the presence of hydrogen peroxide. We used our decomposition procedure for hydrogen peroxide, which involves contacting the solution with platinum metal foil. In this procedure, the platinum would catalyze the decomposition of peroxide resulting in bubbles of oxygen forming. Using your sample of ASO®, we observed no bubble formation even after heating the solution to 60°C for 5 minutes. Since this is typically a qualitative test, we estimate the detection level to be about 0.1%. So, from this result, we can say that the solution contains <0.1% hydrogen peroxide (or <1000 ppm hydrogen peroxide). Michael T. Volosin President, AnalysisNow!

Aphanomyces is a fungus that has been attacking sugar beet (Beta vulagris) fields in the Red River Valley of Minnesota and North Dakota. The organism is soil borne and may affect the sugar beets from the early season seedling stage until the late summer more mature stage. This study shows the effect of stabilized oxygen on aphanomyces in petri dish cultures and soil. One can see that ASO® at all concentrations had an adverse effect on Aphanomyces growing in petri dish cultures. It can also be seen that at the highest concentration most of the Aphanomyces were killed. Charles Habstritt, Ph.D., Professor of Agronomy & Soils University of Minnesota

This study is the first to report that an oxygen enhanced sports drink also improves athletic performance. A possible explanation may be that the oxygen-enhanced water allows for rapid diffusion of oxygen for transport into the blood stream. Since these factors were not directly measured, follow up studies should be conducted to collaborate these findings and to evaluate possible mechanisms to explain the athletic benefits of oxygen enhanced water. Dr. John J. Duncan, Ph.D., Texas Center for Research on Women’s Health, Texan Woman’s University, Denton, TX

To learn more about Activated Stabilized Oxygen & O2 Drops, visit:  http://biz.htnmagazine.com/o2drops/

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