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Why Energy Drinks are Harmful to Body and How Activated Stabilized Oxygen Can Help

After a hectic day in the office, you try to kick yourself up and pick up an energy drink that you think are healthy enough and works as a herbal energy supplement or stamina supplement. The brands like Red Bull and other makes you feel energetic as if energy was filled in the can but ends up drain the energy.

Are these energy drinks actually good for you?

All the energy drink brands in the market are made up of same ingredients only the taste differs. They claim to boost the alertness in mind and enhance the endurance and metabolism.

Some common ingredients of popular energy drinks include:

• Sugar
• Caffeine
• Amino acids in the form of Taurine
• Herbal supplements like Gingko Biloba, Echinacea, and Ginseng

The two main ingredients caffeine and sugar seems to be an energy fix, but are not. If you are too much dependent on energy drinks then your body will soon become reliant on them and it can seriously harm your health, cause you to age quickly and make you mushy and fat.


Excess sugar in your diet has been linked to:

• Cavities
• Diabetes
• Aging
• Obesity
• Upsetting the balance of good bacteria (Microflora) in your gut
• Low serotonin levels


Caffeine works as a stimulant. Just like sugar, it also works as an energizer, but for a short span of time. With regular intake of Caffeine, your body will become used to it and you will need it every hour, which is not good.

Here are some of the ill effects of caffeine on our body:

• Increases cortisol
• Acidifies your blood
• An increase in adrenaline, which can inhibit healthy sleep patterns

Can you energize yourself the healthy way?

Now that energy drinks are not at all the solution to fight fatigue, what to do?
Here’s how to refill your tank when your energy levels is low.

O2 Drops is our one-of-a-kind formula of bio-available oxygen molecules and essential trace minerals that is going to revitalize your body and improve your health in ways that you might not have thought possible.

The proprietary activated, stabilized oxygen in O2 Drops has been the subject of more than two dozen independent research studies at laboratories and at universities all over the world. Athletes, scientists, educators, and health professionals and practitioners have testified to its safety and efficacy repeatedly. No other activated oxygen supplement has undergone as much scrutiny and validation.

O2 Drops are completely natural, safe, non-toxic, pH balanced, totally stable, and simple to use. They contain NO artificial colors, preservatives, stabilizers, or dangerous stimulants. They are simply packed with a bio-available form of oxygen combined with the minerals that your body needs the most.

Start feeling GREAT again and order a bottle of O2 Drops today – with a 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose.

To learn more, visit:  http://biz.htnmagazine.com/o2drops/


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