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The Best Type of Cardio For Fat Loss

Losing weight is not easy.  Or is it? We all have heard that if we want to lose weight we have to do cardio.  So we begin going to the gym to walk the treadmill or glide on the elliptical.  After some time, we begin seeing results. Then, all of a sudden the results stop. But we continue going to do the same exercises over and over again.  Eventually, we lose interest and stop going to the gym.

Why did I stop seeing results

What happen? We were doing well and the next thing you know is the results stop.  The body is built to adapt to many different forms of stimuli.  Exercise is one of them.  The more we workout one way the more our body gets used to it and stops making the changes necessary to adapt.  Which means you stop seeing results. If you want to continue seeing results you have to give your body different stimuli so it keeps making changes to adapt to.

The best type of fat-burning cardio

So what type of cardio is good for weight loss? Interval training cardio.  This is short bouts of intense exercise with bouts of rest in between.  For example, you can run intervals: 20 seconds run/sprint and 1-2 minutes of rest and repeat for 4-5 rounds. You can get similar type of stimuli in most fitness classes like Zumba, Cycling, and Boot Camps.

Why interval training works

Interval training is famous for burning the most calories during and after exercise.  Long easy bouts of cardio like walking and the elliptical cannot give you the same results. The longer, easier exercises does not raise your heart rate high enough to force your body into burning more calories to get back to a steady-state or normal.

Interval training turns your body into a fat-incinerator by boosting your metabolism.  It keeps it higher for up to 48 hours after exercise.  This increases the total amount of calories burned thus allowing you to lose more weight over time.

Best Practices:

Start off slow but eventually build up so that your body doesn’t adapt and stop making changes.

Gladimir Simeon is a fitness expert and instructor based in South Florida.  His organization, Glad Health & Fitness, is a health and fitness company specializing in online diet meal plans, on-site group fitness classes, and personalized fitness training. To learn more about his services, visit: http://4ui.us/gr7o

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